Christopher Dolman graduated from the University of Wales, Abersystwyth in 2014 where he studied Geography. He moved to Hong Kong in 2014 where he became a CELTA certified instructor (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Christopher has over 7 years of experience teaching young learners. He has a keen interest in keeping current with pedagogic news and regularly attends conferences and workshops run by The Trinity College of London and Cambridge English.

As Associate Director of English Operations, Christopher has pioneered the teacher development program in Hong Kong and Macau. Through implementing changes to teacher training, performance evaluation and teacher support, he has been able to ensure students are provided with the highest standard of English education. Having served the company as a teacher, head teacher and a teacher development manager, he has a vertical understanding of the company and strives for the betterment of English lessons.

Christopher has authored numerous children’s storybooks and learn-to-read stories during his career. He created the English Adventures with Max and Liz series where students join our brand characters on a 48-storybook journey. Additionally, Christopher authored a series of learn-to-read phonics stories. Across three levels and 66 stories, students are taught to recognize beginning sounds, blends and then complex digraphs all whilst enjoying the adventures of Max and Liz. Finally, Christopher has co-authored 4 Trinity textbooks that complement Monkey Tree’s lessons. The Trinity College-approved textbooks successfully prepare students for one of the most recognizable ESL qualification!

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