Blair has been working in the education field for over 10 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University and a Teaching License in English as a Second Language from the North Carolina Department of Education. She has both classroom experience with all-ages and has developed several lines of curriculum for young learners, including a line of curriculum for new comer students in the United States, advanced learners in South Korea, and entry-level students in Japan. In addition, she has written a 17-pack summer series for young learners in China which includes phonics, writing, and vocabulary. Blair focuses on creating content that is inclusive of reading, writing, speaking and listening practice with a strong emphasis on interactive practices.

Blair was selected as a Go Global NC Teacher Fellow – China 2018 to create a platform for collaboration through building global connections. She was also a presenter at the Carolina TESOL Conference (Building Student-Teacher Relationships and Community Ties Through Cultural Awareness), the Durham Association of Educators (Cultural Competency and Global Awareness in the Classroom), and the NC Beginning Teacher Cohort (Creating an Inclusive Classroom for Language Learners).

Prior to her role as Curriculum Developer, Blair served as our Assistant Teacher Development Manager. With extensive knowledge of our courses and materials, she specialized in teacher training and evaluations in both Hong Kong and China, traveling to our centers in China to work provide hands-on experiences with our teachers and train them on the very content that she created.

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