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What our Happy Clients Say

Monkey Tree’s Phonics books do a wonderful job of helping students understand letter sounds of the alphabet, letter recognition and word blending. I could see how focused and dedicated my students were during class as the activities were motivating them to recall previous learned knowledge.  This book is a great investment if you are looking for an engaging and well set out book which will lay an excellent foundation for student’s phonics learning.


The classes that I gave using Monkey Tree books were awesome. My students could not wait to open their Monkey Tree workbooks in class as the lesson started. The great thing about the books is the way in which they make learning English easy and fun. My students grew more confident everyday and they were intrigued by the beautiful illustrations and the different activities which ranged from coloring to tracing. I would recommend using Monkey Tree books to anyone who wants to have an engaging and well-structured book set up to improve a student’s English foundation.


After teaching the phonics course to a wide range of different students, I can confidently say that the phonics series is  a great investment for any student that needs to learn basic reading skills, from sound recognizing to word blending. They teach students all the basic letter sounds as well as a variety of essential digraphs, trigraphs needed to formulate a word. They are accompanied by reading books which reinforce the knowledge learned, and the books focus on applying this knowledge accordingly. I found this to be a good way to get my students motivated to grasp the concepts to enable them to read the books.